About me…

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I have always said I was going to write a book.  Well I have decided to create this blog to share day to day experiences and add in a few stories from time to time.  Not that I have the most exciting life or anything, but there are days where most will agree and wonder, how did she get through it! Lets start by saying that I am married to “Geno” and love him very much.  He is my second husband, but more on that another day.  I have three amazing daughters, Sara, Erin and Casey.  These three girls saved my life more than once.  I also have four even more amazing grand children, Gracie, Chloe, Jaxon and Owen, and the 5th due in June, my true loves… Family has always been very important to me and I served as the “cruise director” for many years until one day I just quit.  Being the “cruise director” can be exhausting and over rated at times.  I have worn many hats from single mom, nurse (I am not a nurse but as you read this blog you will see that I could be an RN, NP, PA and yes maybe even the DR. really!), lawyer, cab driver, cruise director, babysitter, chef, event organizer, comedian, you name the hat I have probably worn it. PROUDLY!  So this blog is exciting for me because I get to share it all.  I get to show you many ways I have overcome the trials of life either through inspirational readings, recycling, and creating, from tears to laughter, from be lonely to wishing I was alone, blah blah blah.  Or should I say blog, blog, blog?


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